A civil engineer student with an electrical complicity and a good eye for design.

Hooked by the high quality sound. Driven by the unique aspect vintage objects can liberate.

Always looking to improve your every day routine.

In the making


Step 1 of the process consists of understanding the style and the needs of the client.


Step 2 is finding a suitcase which will suit important criterias:  stiffness, size, state, etc. This is a crucial part in the making, since this will serve as your sounding board, but also create the final style of your Speakeasy. The brand Samsonite is, for now, the one which I find fits best in my pattern.


Step 3, the components are chosen in relation with the suitcase. Crossovers and speakers are unique components for each Speakeasy. As for the other parts, they are universal. 

Step 4, is always the trickiest part, but definitely the most satisfying since you really start to get  a glimpse of the final look. The layout of the  speakers are determined and the holes are drilled moments after. At that moment the only thing going on in my head 
is "Be careful with the suitcase. Don’t scratch it!". Next up, wiring time. Positive to positive, negative to negative. 


Step 5, consists of testing the product itself. Sound quality test.


Step 6 is the shipping. The final product is delivered and demonstrated to the client. A Certicicate of Authenticity is also introduced in the Speakeasy. It is a unique piece of art. 







It is now yours! Switch it up, the green light will appear. Connect to bluetooth via your portable device. Turn on your best music. Enjoy!


Will you own the next Speakeasy?

Montréal, Canada

© 2020 par Antoine Carignan-Turcotte


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